Functional Capacity Evaluation is an objective process that documents a patient’s current ability to perform work from a physical, medical, behavioral and ergonomic perspective. It should be performed prior to return to work for any patient who has sustained a job related injury.

• Measures precisely and objectively by using scientific testing instruments
• Cost containment
• Objective documentation and effective outcomes
• Spanish speaking staff to accommodate the Hispanic community
• Reports delivered within 24 hours


Tests Performed

• Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)
• Work Capacity Evaluation
• Return to Work
• Post-offer of Employment
• Continues Fitness for Duty
• Ergonomic Modification
• Functional Determination of Injury
• Therapy Baseline
• Therapy Tracking

Who Benefits

• Patient
• Physician
• Compensation Carrier
• Attorney
• Employer
• Rehabilitation Specialist
• Therapist

How They Benefit

• Validates the injury
• Identifies the patient’s working limits
• Documents the problems which affect the patient’s ability to return to work
• Assists with the evaluation of the medical impairment
• Provides baseline data for successful rehabilitation
• Reduces compensation cost by earlier return to work
• Reduces the incidence of re-injury and eliminates unnecessary treatment
• “Gets the case moving"

In addition to the usual protocols, two new cutting-edge technologies have been added:

1) The EPIC Lift Capacity is the Gold Standard of lift protocols. It is the only protocol to measure all three domains of function (physiological, biomechanical and psychophysical). It has a growing normative database and has never been successfully challenged in court (i.e., it has been unimpeachable in litigation)

2) The Functional Range of Motion (FROM) system is used in evaluating axial rotation, reach, stooping reach and upper level reach. Performance is calculated using the internationally recognized MTM (Method-Time-Measurement) standard. MTM is an industrial engineering-based method of testing functional range of motion to determine an individual’s ability to work in various positions and frequencies.